Click the section titled “Attachments” in the My Information box to include uploads of a resume, transcripts, reference letters, and more. Acceptable files are .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif. If the documents are in .doc or another unapproved file type use this link: in order to download a free conversion program. Some newer versions of Word have a Save as .PDF option as well.

Attachments are made available to employers when they perform a candidate search if your Search Agent is not set to “Anonymous.”

To add a new attachment, provide the following information:

  • Type – Select the type of attachment. Please note that transcripts, certifications, test Scores and recommendations (reference letters) should be attached to specific entries in those sections of your Profile. The remaining attachment types will be available to employers only in the Attachments section of the application.
  • Title – Provide a brief title that describes the attachment.
  • Upload File – Select the file on your computer that to upload to SchoolSpring. Be sure to Save Changes. Note that the maximum file size is 5MB so it may be necessary to lower the dots per inch (DPI) on the scanner in order to adjust the size of the file.

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