Please contact Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) directly: via Chat Support, via email at, or via phone at 855-535-5915 for the following:

  • Technical support or questions related to TeacherMatch™.
  • Technical support or questions related to Smart Practices® — KES substitute teacher and paraprofessional talent only.
  • Watch quick video tutorials on topics such as creating or accessing your Smart Practices® account, completing the assessment, or printing your certificate.
  • To request a copy of your Professional Development Profile (PDP) upon completion of the TeacherMatch Educators Professional Inventory (EPI) — KES substitute teacher talent only.

Was your question answered? If not, please provide as much detail as possible below and we will be in touch.


    If you are in need of additional assistance, please email or call at or 855-980-0511

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